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Fiquei tão contente quando me disseram que a Pipa Bolacha tinha "aparecido" neste blog!!!

Party cookies

December 28, 2013 § Leave a Comment
We’ve all been there. We’re going to a party and would like to take something special, but we ran out of ideas. There’s an easy solution to this problem: just call Pipa Bolacha, maker of brilliant, handmade cookies! You can personalize your cookies by choosing shapes, colors, and designs.
Dinner with an actor? Take cookies with the comedy and tragedy greek masks. Lunch with a pilot? Bring cookies with cloud shapes. Breakfast with a poet? Order cookies with words that can be combined into poems. Date with a chemist? Chose symbols from the periodic table (earth metals if the relationship is serious, helium if your feelings are volatile). These delicious cookies will be the life of the party!
You can contact Pipa Bolacha by phone (962 691 389) or email ( Click here to see photos of her recent cookies.
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